The Cult Bars and Cafés of Zurich

Every city has its share of bars that everyone knows and loves. They are what give the city a face, almost even a character.

Some of them have been around so long that they are simply part of the fabric of the city. They were once frequented by famous names such as Einstein, James Joyce, or Max Frisch. Others are known for a special drink or for their decor, while others have some attraction that makes them unique. The following bars are among the most iconic in Zurich.

Dada’s Birthplace

Cabaret Voltaire

Dada originated here, and from this base it conquered the world. Today the bar is a popular meeting place, with a stage for readings and concerts.
Coffeehouse Culture


First opened in 1845 as a sweet shop, today Schober is a jewel of coffeehouse culture and famed for its hot drinking chocolate.
Solid as a Rock


The Gräbli-Bar is solid as a rock, and open almost around the clock 365 days a year. It only closes very briefly every day to clear up.


Rustic folk music and fabled “Aelplimilch” (“Alpine milk”) are all you need for a few happy hours in the Aelplibar.

Multifaceted Zurich

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