The Cult Bars and Cafés of Zurich

Every city has its share of bars that everyone knows and loves. They are what give the city a face, almost even a character.

Some of them have been around so long that they are simply part of the fabric of the city. They were once frequented by famous names such as Einstein, James Joyce, or Max Frisch. Others are known for a special drink or for their decor, while others have some attraction that makes them unique. The following bars are among the most iconic in Zurich.

The Piano Bar


This little gem in the Niederdorf is one of the most traditional jazz bars in Switzerland. Here music is played and guests can chat the night away.

Regenbogen Bar

Another classic Zurich bar is “Bögli” or “Rägebögli,” as it is affectionately known, tucked away in the secluded Rosenhof courtyard.
A Renaissance

Olé Olé

The Olé Olé dates back to 1967. Once the haunt of Hells Angels, shady characters, and others, these days the clientele is young and hip.

Kon-Tiki and Züri-Bar

When these history-steeped, cult bars were due to be closed down in 2015, a group of young restaurateurs immediately stepped in and saved them.
Tina Bar Fumoir Zurich
The Gem in the Niederdorf

Tina Bar

The Tina Bar is the gentlewoman among the bars in the Niederdorf quarter: here guests sip classic drinks and smoke cigars in elegant surroundings.
Intellectual Tradition


A favorite among intellectuals since 1911: Einstein, the Dadaists, Lenin, and many others felt at home in this historical bar on Bellevue.
For Whiskey Lovers

Widder Bar

In this classic cocktail bar, everyone is sure to find their favorite drink: 1,000 bottles hold 500 different spirits and 250 single-malt whiskeys.

Kronenhalle Bar

The bar belonging to the famous Kronenhalle restaurant is one Zurich’s best: Guests enjoy their cocktails here among original Picassos and Chagalls.
Where Artists Meet


Directly opposite the Odeon is the Café de la Terrasse, which wows guests with its wonderful garden patio and light-flooded restaurant.

Multifaceted Zurich

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