Zurich’s Cult Restaurants

These restaurants have been shaping the face of Zurich for many years, and visitors should not leave the city without having visited at least one of them.

Whenever you visit a city, besides the sights, you also want to experience the culinary highlights on offer. What do the locals like to eat? What are the regional and fresh specialties, and what culinary trends can be found here?

In particular, the following tradition-steeped restaurants characterize the city of Zurich:

The Classic


Tuck into delicious food surrounded by original artwork by Picasso, Giacometti or Chagall – you can only get that at the Kronenhalle on Bellevue.
The Italian

Casa Ferlin

Italian grandezza and the best ravioli in Zurich can be found in the over 100-year old Casa Ferlin.
The Vegetarian


When Ambrosius Hiltl opened Europe’s first vegetarian restaurant in 1898, the whole of Zurich laughed at the “root bunker”. Nowadays, Hiltl is cult!
The Sausage

Sternen Grill

The Sternen Grill is Zurich’s original street food outlet, serving the best sausage with the hottest mustard in town.
The Hearty


In the one-time arsenal storehouse, the weapons are now only for decoration and hearty traditional Swiss fare is served in the vaulted cellar.
The Beam Test


In the oldest wine tavern in Zurich, guests can enjoy traditional Swiss dishes and the spectacle of guests attempting the legendary “Beam Test”.
The Noble

Lobster & Oyster Bar

Anyone who likes fresh seafood should be sure to visit the elegant Lobster & Oyster Bar at the Hotel St. Gotthard, which dates from 1935.
The Sensual


In the world’s first “dine in the dark” restaurant, guests have to trust their nose, mouth, ears and hands, for they can see absolutely nothing.
The Baroque

Zum Kropf

Good hearty fare is served at the Zum Kropf, whose magnificent beer hall painted in baroque style dates from 1444.

Multifaceted Zurich

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