Awesome Things to Do in Zurich in 48 hours

Zurich is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway. From the historic Old Town to the urban and edgy parts of Zurich West, there is plenty to see, discover and explore.

What is there to see, explore and discover during a 2-day trip to Zurich? Plenty, that's for sure! From culture, to nature through to nightlife and great restaurants – all of this can be fully enjoyed within 48 hours.

Thanks to the manageable size of the city, adventurous and curious visitors will experience the diversity of the different districts, from the historic Old Town to the young and aspiring Zürich-West. For the ultimate holiday feeling, hop on a boat and enjoy the view of the Alps and the city from Lake Zurich. Ahoy!


Restaurant Markthalle

Seasonal and regional dishes are served for lunch at the restaurant in the heart of the Viadukt indoor market.


Not just any shopping area, but an ode to creativity and architecture: The shops and restaurants are housed in the arches of the 500m-long railway viaduct.

Museum für Gestaltung

The collection at the museum of design and visual art consists of every-day design objects and famous classics as well as great graphic art.


The eastern Mediterranean restaurant is located at the corner of Langstrasse and the newly-built Europaallee - enjoy beautifully prepared mezes and other eastern delights.


Next door, you will find “Kosmos”, where cultural events, concerts and parties take place - there is even a cinema. If that’s not enough: Visit the numerous bars that line the famous Langstrasse.

Multifaceted Zurich

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