Wine in Zurich

In Zurich, wine lovers can find both a tradition-steeped and an aspiring wine culture, with a great many wine bars, wine stores, and wine fairs.

Wine is produced not only in the so-called Weinland region in the north of the canton, but also by Lake Zurich and in the heart of the city. And not just in recent years: old engravings show that in the 18th century, virtually all the suitable green areas in the city and along the lake were planted with vines.

Nowadays, wine production is experiencing a renaissance in Zurich. With 608 hectares of vineyards and some 600 vintners, the canton of Zurich is the most important wine-growing region in German-speaking Switzerland. The wines that Zurich’s vintners fill into the bottles meet the approval of wine lovers, as many awards testify. The portfolio ranges from Riesling-Silvaner, Räuschling and Kerner, to Gewürztraminer, right through to Pinot Noir, Merlot and Zweigelt.

Whether directly at a vineyard, in one of the wine bars listed below, or at the spectacular Expovina wine fair, held on 12 boats moored at Burkliplatz: no visit to Zurich is complete without a glass of Zurich wine. 

Drink Wine
In the many and varied wine bars, wine lovers can discover new trends, old classics, and rarities.
Wine in Zurich
These excursions focus on Zurich’s wine – with tastings, walks, and guided tours.
Wine lovers can meet vintners and sample and learn about wines at wineries in and around Zurich.

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