Eating Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine in Zurich

Eating vegetarian or even vegan cuisine in Zurich and region is not a problem, as our list of popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants shows.

In Zurich, vegetarians and vegans –people who do not eat animal products of any kind – will find a wide selection of stores and restaurants that offer meat-free menus and specialties. Whether culinary delights from Asia or seasonal Swiss fare, whether served in a restaurant or sold at a vegan butcher’s, Zurich’s gastronomy trade has plenty to please both vegetarian and vegan palates. Incidentally, these dishes are so mouthwateringly delicious that even avid meat eaters have no difficulty in occasionally dispensing with animal products.

The Top Dog


The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe has been offering meatless food for over a century – and in the meantime has various outlets in Zurich.
The Natural


The salads served at the Gärtnerei are fresh, crunchy, and free of additives or preservatives.
The Icy Cold

The Sacred - Vegelateria

This simple but cozy restaurant offers a wide choice of vegan menus. However, it is above all renowned for its yummy vegan ice cream!
The Buffet


Everyone knows and loves the Tibits buffet: the food here is simple, practical and above all scrumptious. And the Jalapeño poppers are simply … mmmmh!
The Asian

Bona Dea

Vegetarian and vegan chutneys, curries, salads, and many other Asian specialties can be found right next to the Main Train Station.
The International


At Neni, spices, aromas and flavors from all over the world come together on the plate. Not a purely vegetarian locale, but delicious all the same.
The Lebanese

Le Cèdre

The Cèdre, too, is not completely meat-free – but the huge selection of Lebanese mezze dishes are largely vegetarian or entirely vegan.
The Bad Hunters

Bad Hunter

If you are a bad hunter, you just have to live off berries. However, at Bad Hunter that is not a problem, but an absolute (vegetarian) treat.
The Unknown

Pot au Vert

On the upper floor of the Hotel Limmathof by the Central junction, guests can tuck into vegetarian menus and watch the activity on the square below.

Multifaceted Zurich

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