Dada Art Movement TourZürich. Your sustainable city trip.

The Dada art movement began in Zurich. On this fascinating city tour, lovers of Dadaism will find out how all the various artists, writers and performance artists found their way to Zurich – and how they turned the city on its head.

  • Visit key locations of the Dada movement 
    Explore the city from a Dadaist perspective 
    Listen to captivating stories

In 1916, exiled artists gathered in Zurich´s then disreputable Niederdorf district. Just a few meters from where Lenin was living in exile, Hugo Ball and his future wife Emmy Hennings established the legendary artist hangout Cabaret Voltaire, which welcomed all people, styles and schools of thought.

The Dadaists – as they began calling themselves – experimented with sound poems and simultaneous poems, collages and photo montages, and were undoubtedly the most international, noisiest and probably also the most innovative artists of their day.

From Zurich, they conquered the world with their humorous and ironic artworks and inspired subsequent movements like surrealism and pop art. The Dada city tour will introduce you to the initiators and show you where they used to hang out in Zurich.

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Private Tour

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