The Locales on Langstrasse

In earlier times a red light district, today a party boulevard: the heart of Zurich’s nightlife beats on Langstrasse.

Langstrasse links the Kreis 4 and 5 districts and, to a certain extent, the whole city: nowhere else in Zurich do so many different people and milieus come together as along the party mile in the heart of Zurich. Whether during the week or on weekends, there is always something going on here – with locales ranging from laid-back bars to noisy and sweaty underground clubs. 

Honest Bar Culture

Der Kern

As the name suggests, this locale is all about the content, not all the trappings surrounding it. Authentic bar with a focus on music, near Langstrasse.
Vivacious Atmosphere

Olé Olé Bar

An institution on Langstrasse: the legendary Olé Olé Bar is invariably loud and fun.
Gallic Village

Total Bar

The Total Bar remains true to itself, while everything around it changes constantly: small, select, honest, and always relaxed.
Relaxed Ambiance

Mars Bar

The bar with the charm of student accommodation has a loyal following – and not just soccer fans.
Strictly Rock Zone


A bar for headbangers, heavy metal enthusiasts, and fans of rock music in general – rough but nice.

Multifaceted Zurich

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