Zurich by

Minouche von Marabou

The burlesque artiste is well acquainted with the glamorous side of the city. 
As a 1940s and vintage fan, Minouche von Marabou knows where the historical and glamorous spots are in Zurich.

Minouche von Marabou is a burlesque artiste. And as a trained theater costume designer she designs and makes her own stage costumes. They are extremely glamorous and reminiscent of the era between the 1930s and the 1950s, when burlesque dance was particularly popular. Minouche loves places abounding in history and is a huge vintage fan. She is continually coming across spots in Zurich with historical charm and glamour. In addition, she tells us where she finds the accessories to achieve her perfect vintage look.

Legendary Grand Café

Café Odeon

This cafe at Bellevue was once frequented by Einstein, James Joyce, the Dadaists, and Lenin. It still exudes a legendary charm to this day.
Kronenhalle Bar Zürich
Sophisticated Drinks

Kronenhalle Bar

“The best cocktails in town can be found in the elegant Kronenhalle bar,” declares Minouche, who adores history-steeped establishments like this one.
The Bathing Palace

Seebad Utoquai

“As a vintage aficionado, this is my favorite bathing facility: the blue & white striped curtains and the sun terraces have a hint of the 1920s,” enthuses Minouche.
Vintage Accessories

Flea Market at Bürkliplatz

“A paradise for hunters and gatherers,” says Minouche and smiles: “I don’t even have to be looking for anything specific to find something I like”.
Verdant Oasis

Old Botanical Garden

“An oasis of tranquility and relaxation in the heart of the city,” says Minouche. The old palm house from 1851 is used for concerts and exhibitions.
Alternative Movies

Arthouse Movie Theaters

“This movie theater always shows interesting movies and is the focal point of the Pink Apple film festival, which I like to visit every year.”

Multifaceted Zurich

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