Sustainable Stores in Zurich

In Zurich, too, ecologically minded people can find a wide range of stores selling fairly traded and sustainably produced fashion, as well as a number of zero waste shops.

The notion that ecologically produced clothing is not chic is widespread, but nowadays could not be further from the truth. Designers are increasingly setting great store by ensuring that their fashion is produced in a sustainable and fair manner and using recyclable fabrics.

Ecologically minded shoppers find a variety of businesses dedicated to the reduction of food waste and shops that completely dispenses with individual packaging, so called zero waste stores.

Support Social Institutions


The beautiful products and articles are handcrafted and assembled in social businesses or small workshops.
Fair Fashion


The three Rs in the name stand for reduce, reuse, recycle. So anyone looking for fairly and sustainably produced fashion is at the right address here.
Against Food Waste


In the oldest juice bar in Switzerland, hungry guests can also find organic dishes that have been produced without any additives and with a minimum of waste.


Soeder offers timeless basics that are designed to last as long as possible, in accordance with the motto, “functional, natural, and sustainable”.
For Urban Gardeners

Veg and the City

Grow vegetables and salads in the city? Not a problem thanks to this specialist store close to Zurich Main Station.

Multifaceted Zurich

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