High Mountain Trail Schwyz (Sattel–Haggenegg Section)

This section of the Schwyz panorama trail leads right through the Sattel-Hochstuckli region.

  • Travel time from Zurich Main Station: 54 min.
    Start: Sattel-Aegeri
    Finish: Haggenegg
  • Length: 9km (5½ miles)
    Duration: 3.5 hours
    Difference in elevation: 760m (2,500ft)
  • Level of difficulty: easy
    Physical fitness: easy

Route Description

This leg of the Schwyz high-Alpine trail starts with a strenuous but not particularly difficult climb to the Mostelberg. Those who prefer to take things more easily can shorten the route with a leisurely gondola ride. On the way to Haggenegg, where the path crosses with the Way of St. James, hikers can delight in wonderful panorama views.





Particularly Recommended

On the Mostelberg, it is worth taking a detour to the almost 400m (1,300ft) long suspension bridge, the Raiffeisen Skywalk. It is also worthwhile taking in the Hochstuckli, which offers wonderful panoramas of the two Mythen mountains and the canton of Schwyz.


Catering Facilities En Route

All along the way, there are many mountain restaurants serving regional specialties.

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