Freibad Heuried

Swimming, splashing, sunbathing, and having fun: the Freibad Heuried is one of the most popular open-air public baths in Zurich.

  • Large outdoor pool
    50 meter (164ft) swimming pool, non-swimmer’s pool
    Children’s area with water play area
  • Waterslide (132 m/433 ft) and diving tower (1 m/3.3 ft and 3 m/9.8 ft)

The large sunbathing area crisscrossed by paths and footbridges, three different pools (for swimmers, non-swimmers, and children) and the location all speak for themselves: the Freibad Heuried is without doubt one of Zurich’s most popular outdoor bathing facilities in Zurich on hot summer days. Not only children and families from the surrounding area flock here when the weather is fine; young people, workers, and pensioners also feel equally at home here. The public bath, which is part of a sports center, includes a self-service restaurant called "Vrenelisgärtli", which is also a favorite haunt among locals.


Built in the style of “concrete brutalism”, the Freibad Heuried was opened in 1964 as a local leisure center. Between 2014 and 2017, the center - which also houses an indoor ice rink and a restaurant - was extensively renovated by the architecture firm, EM2N. Pavilion buildings have now given way to a new building with a bright and airy entrance. Colored glass panes in the entrance areas create pretty patterns with the light, while in the park, wooden walkways lead through small groves of European species of trees. 

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Opening Hours

May to September
Daily, 9am – 11pm
11am – 8pm only in fine weather