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This is just the place for guests who want to enjoy Swiss meat specialties in relaxed yet elegant surroundings.

The sounds of sizzling and hissing hang in the air, your mouth starts to water. Here you can cook your meat yourself directly on the table grill, which makes it not only particularly tasty, but also entertaining. Vegetables, sauces and other side dishes are standing ready – a delicious and lavish treat for the palate in a stylish yet relaxed ambiance. Those who prefer not to prepare their food themselves can, of course, choose something different – for example, a succulent beef fillet or a spicy chicken breast. To accompany the food there is a choice of select wines.

Table grills are often associated with a rather stuffy room with smells that permeate your clothes. But there is no need to worry – in this locale, the ventilation is running at full blast.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Saturday, 9.00am–11.00pm