Rosso Arancio

The Rosso Arancio at Stauffacher is (still) an insider tip for true gelati lovers.

  • Italian recipes
    Classics & new creations
    Situated at Stauffacher

The small ice cream parlor, Rosso Arancio, near the main traffic junction, Stauffacher, is (still) a top insider tip. A real expert is at work here, for Italian owner Jimmy learned his trade in Italy, the homeland of creamy gelato. And connoisseurs can easily taste the difference.

At the Rosso Arancio, only the best ingredients are transformed into classic ice creams. Eggs and milk are sourced from certified Swiss farms, while oranges from Sicily or hazelnuts from Piedmont provide the right flavor kick. Jimmy is constantly working on new creations and is happy to take guests’ wishes into account. He now has over 120 different recipes to delight his customers’ palates.

At the ice cream parlor – which, true to Italian tradition, is even open until late in the evening on weekends – the selection on offer changes daily and seasonally. At lunchtime, there is also salty focaccia with raw ham or cheese, as well as small salads to take out. And of course there is ice cream for dessert!

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Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday, 11.30am – 9pm
Friday, 11.30am – 10pm
Saturday, 12 – 10pm
Sunday, 12 – 8pm