The host from whom Rico’s takes its name has breathed new life into Rico's in Küsnacht, with much love, color, and imagination.

  • Küsnacht
    Gourmet cuisine

Carlo Rampazzi, who has already demonstrated his creative skills at the Carlton in St. Moritz and the Tschuggen in Arosa, is now making Rico’s in Küsnacht shine in new splendor.

Colorful, fresh, incomparable, and authentic, Rico’s welcomes its guests with warm colors and luxurious materials. However, it is not just the décor that is extravagant, but also what is served onto the plates. The chef skillfully combines French cuisine with Italian and Asian influences.

The dishes not only look colorful, but taste it, too. Guests can choose between a tasting menu with up to seven courses or à la carte.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 12– 2pm & 7 – 10pm