Restaurant & Bar Talacker

Noodle soup and Thai cuisine at lunchtime, bar and DJs in the evening ‒that is the Talacker, situated between Paradeplatz and Stauffacher.

  • Lunch
    Evening bar
    Thai cuisine
  • Noodle soups

When you enter the Talacker, the place is more remniscent of a living room or a second-hand store than a restaurant.

At lunchtime, guests take a seat on the sofas and benches, and amidst the relaxed atmosphere enjoy noodle soups and Asian specialities with a focus on Thai cuisine.

In the evening, the wooden benches are cleared away and the DJ table is set up: then the Talacker is transformed into a bar, where bankers, artists, students, locals, and tourists celebrate the end of the day.

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Opening Hours

Monday 11.45am – 12.00am
Tuesday to Thursday 11.45am – 1.00am
Friday 11.45am – 3.00am
Saturday 4.00pm – 3.00am

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