Outback Lodge

A culinary trip to Australia with a typical down under feel: laid-back, always sunny, and with a hint of adventure.

  • Kangaroo entrecote
    Crocodile filet
    Down under ambiance

Australians are reputed to always be friendly, spend the whole day on the beach, and be tanned and healthy-looking.

At the Outback Lodge – which resembles Crocodile Dundee’s dining room – guests can verify if these rumors are true over a glass of Foster’s or VB, while tucking into the restaurant’s typical fusion cuisine. Those who want to try something exotic can order one of the unusual specialties brought back from the hunt down under that find their way onto the BBQ every day – for example, a kangaroo entrecote or a crocodile filet, which are guaranteed to make you hop or snap your jaws with delight. 

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Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday, 10am – 1am
Friday, 10am – 2am
Saturday, 11am – 2am
Sunday, 11am – 12am