Yooji’s Dreikönig

Besides a wide range of sushi variations, Yooji’s Dreikönig offers an impressive selection of the Japanese rice wine, sake.

Yooji’s Dreikönig enjoys a central location close to the Stockerstrasse tram stop, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Lake Zurich.

The menu is very varied, and besides the well-known Yooji’s classics, such as delicious sushi creations, miso soups and salads, it features an impressive selection of sake. The assortment is unique in Zurich and surprises with its sophisticated sake creations. Diverse aperitifs and wines also invite guests to stop and linger amidst a relaxed ambiance. In addition, once a month, Yooji’s Dreikönig stages an Oyster Day – on this Tuesday, three different oyster variations are on offer.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 11.00am–11.00pm

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