Zurich’s bees industriously collect pollen from the trees, flowers, and blossoms in the city.

Zurich is a verdant city, abounding in trees, shrubs, and flowers: on balconies and embankments, along avenues, in flower beds and in the parks. The bees belonging to beekeeper Peter Schneider head straight for these plants and gather the nectar. Back in the beehives on the roof of Zurich’s 5-star Marriott Hotel, they transform these sweet flower juices into delicious honey. Thanks to the closeness to nature, it is available in the variants, forest and blossom honey – this is how sweet Zurich tastes!


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Zurich Marriott Hotel

The honey for the breakfast buffet comes straight from the hotel roof, from where the bees swarm into the nearby park.
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Berg & Tal Marktladen

The specialist for small producers from all over Switzerland. It goes without saying that Zurich-Honey enjoys a permanent place in the exclusive range.
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Globus Zürich on Bahnhofstrasse

With its stylish black & gold label, Zurich-Honey is completely at home in the elegant food hall of this Zurich department store.
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In the colorful delicatessen section of this elegant department store, you can find everything your heart desires – including Zurich-Honey.

Multifaceted Zurich

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