The Zurich Gin Made Using Local Ingredients

Lime blossoms from the Lindenhof, hand-picked pine cone tips from the nearby forest, and rosehips from the garden: these are the ingredients for Turicum Gin.

Turicum Gin was created out of a passion for the alcoholic beverage gin and for the city of Zurich. A “born-and-bred” City of Zurich product made from local ingredients – such as lime blossoms from the Lindenhof and pinecone tips from Zurich’s forests.

Exquisite in taste and presented in an out-of-the ordinary, attractive bottle, the gin is an absolute favorite among the locals and a popular souvenir from Zurich. You can purchase and drink Turicum Gin here:

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Berg und Tal

This store in the Viadukt sells sustainably produced foods from small Swiss producers, including honey, oil, sausages ‒ and alcoholic beverages.
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The Stubä (“living room” in Zurich dialect) is closely linked with the Turicum label, which is why all the gin drinks are made with this Zurich gin.
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The delicatessen section of the Globus department store is a paradise for gourmets. So naturally Turicum Gin enjoys a permanent place on the shelves.
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On the basement floor of the Jelmoli department store, connoisseurs can find exquisite food, spices, wines – and the Zurich-made Turicum Gin.

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