The Stadtjäger comprises 100% meat from organic pigs that have led a happy life high above the city and are now delighting air-dried sausage lovers from all over the world.

The Stadtjäger is a locally produced air-dried sausage. It comprises 100% meat from organic city pigs. The sausages are made by hand in small batches and are entirely a Zurich city product from one end to the other.

The pigs are reared by the Götschi family at the Waidhof farm in Zurich. During the production process, the meat of the whole pig is used, whereby the best-quality cuts such as the filet are made into sausage meat. This, among other things, gives the Stadtjäger its characteristic flavor. The entire processing, refining, and curing of the sausage takes place within the city boundaries. Consequently, if you purchase the sausage in the city of Zurich, the total distance it has logistically traveled is less than 25 kilometers (15 miles).


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Globus Zürich

With its stylish design, the Stadtjäger is completely at home in the elegant food hall of this Zurich department store.
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Urban Food Store

This outlet sells local specialties from small-scale producers for culinary journeys of discovery through Zurich.
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Buchmann Beck

The family firm with an age-old history succeeds in balancing traditional handicraft, delicious bakery products, and elegant design with each other.
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National Museum Store

The museum store enthralls with its 2,000 souvenirs, textiles, food, and other products from Switzerland, which leave no wish unfulfilled.
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Berg & Tal Market Store

The specialist for small producers from all over Switzerland. It goes without saying that the Stadtjäger enjoys a permanent place on the shelves here.

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