Zurich Dialect for Beginners

A short list with the most important words and phrases in “Züritüütsch”.

With this list, you will hardly attain the level of a real “Zürischnure”, as Zurich dialect speakers – who talk fast and rather loudly – are known. But you are sure to score some sympathy points by using one or the other of these words or phrases when you are out shopping or ordering food:

Züritüütsch English
Adie goodbye
Anke butter
äxgüsi sorry/excuse me
Badi swimming baths/lido
Binätsch spinach
bitte, pitti, gfelig please
Bölle onion
Böllewèèä onion tart
Böögg bogeyman, snowman effigy that is burned at Sechsenläuten
es birebitzeli a tiny bit/amount
es bitzeli a little (bit)
Flätterä slap in the face
gäll, gälletsi Isn't that right?
Galööri idiot, jerk
gèèrn Yes please
Grossmöischter, Grossmünschter Grossmünster
Grüezi, salü, tschau good day
Guete Morge good morning
habere eat, have a snack
Hitzgi hiccoughs
Hoi, hallo hallo, hi
Hüchlerbäse bouquet of flowers
hudle to rain heavily
lässig awesome, great, cool
Mittagässe lunch
Münz (small) change/loose cash
Naabig, guetenaabig good evening
Pfnüsel to have a cold
Plagööri a show-off
schampar very
Schnägg 5 franc coin
schuurig very, extremely
tanke, mèrssi thank you
tuttswitt immediately
Velo bicycle
Weggli a round, flat bread roll
Zmorge breakfast
zmörgele to have brunch
Znacht, Zaabig, Aabigässe evening meal, dinner
Zouft guild house
Züri-Gschnätzlets Zürich Geschnetzeltes (local specialty made from veal strips in mushroom sauce)