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Philipp Heer

The Instagrammer reveals his favorite spots for architectural photography. 
Philipp Heer
The Instagrammer and part-time freelance photographer knows exactly where to find the best spots in Zurich for impressive architectural photos.

Modern architecture inspires Philipp Heer and he has concentrated on architectural photography since joining Instagram. He is particularly drawn to building facades. Zurich is his playground, and his images prove that even a born-and-bred local can view the city from a completely fresh perspective.

Below, the successful Zurich Instagrammer and architectural photographer reveals where both amateur and professional photographers can find particularly interesting, photogenic architecture. This includes buildings, extensions and refurbishments from prestigious local and international architects such as Santiago Calatrava, Christ & Gantenbein and Gigon/Guyer. 

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New building, in stages to 2020, various architects


A major concept in urban planning behind Zurich main station. Projects by prestigious international architects fill the 80,000-square-meter (860,000 square feet) site.
New building, 2016, architektick AG

Student Village, ETH

The students of ETH don’t just dwell in dorms at Campus Science City, they live in a striking architectural masterpiece.
Extension, 2016, Christ & Gantenbein

Swiss National Museum extension

“The strong lines and wide surfaces represent a great contrast to the original castle-like structure.”
Refurbishment, 2014, EM2N

Toni Campus

The Zurich University of the Arts campus is located on the site of a former dairy. This little urban cosmos delights students and visitors alike.
New building, 2012, Camenzind Evolution


“The irregular windows set in metal frames of different colors make a great photographic subject,” says Philipp.
New building, 2011, Gigon/Guyer Architekten

Prime Tower

This Zurich-West high-rise is a fascinating play of form and color that also offers superlative views.
New building, 2009, Christian Kerez

Leutschenbach School

It is not just the extraordinary gymnasium on the top story that draws the Instagrammer to this modern school building.
Recycling, 2006, Spillmann Echsle Architekten

Freitag Tower

19 rusty shipping containers from Hamburg are enjoying a second life as a shopping and architectural highlight of Zurich-West.
Refurbishment, 2004, Santiago Calatrava

Law Library, University of Zurich

What may well be the city’s most beautiful library can be found inside the Faculty of Law at the University of Zurich.
Refurbishment, 1990, Santiago Calatrava

Stadelhofen Station

Fans of Calatrava will find an early work of the star architect in the heart of Zurich at one of Switzerland’s busiest stations.
Built by various architects and completed in 2015
This beacon project is trying out new living forms and enthralls city planners worldwide.
Built by Burchkhardt+Partner/Raderschall in 2002
The architecturally interesting MFO-Park in the Zürich-Nord district invites visitors to linger.
Original building, completed in 1864 by Gottfried Semper
One of Zurich’s landmarks is the Federal Institute of Technology on the hill overlooking the city.

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