The band and audience celebrate here equally: the locale is intimate and personal – and the music live and of top quality.

  • By Hardbrücke station
    Favorite locale among the alternative music scene
    Every Sunday: “Aad Hollander Trio from Hell”

The old automobile garage near Hardbrücke is one of the hottest clubs on the alternative music scene. Everything here is cute and homemade, the plaster has come of the walls, and the strings of lights are crooked and just as relaxed as the guests and the ambiance. This gives rise to loud, euphoric, boisterous concerts, wild parties, and evenings where anything is possible.

The ambiance is personal and warm-hearted. Guests particularly notice this on the legendary Sunday evenings featuring “Aad Hollander Trio from Hell”, with country, soul and a dance guarantee.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday: see program
Thursday, 8pm – 1.30am
Friday & Saturday, 8pm ­– 4am
Sunday, 8pm – 2am