Bar 63

The bar for one and all: here everyone feels at home.

  • Situated on a street intersection abounding in bars
    Over 70 types of rum
    The bar’s own rum is 63% alcohol
  • Own spirits store, J. B. Labat

Hardly any other place in Zurich can boast such a mixed clientele as the street intersection at Zinistrasse/Rolandstrasse. Here a female banker can meet a squatter, a bassoonist might sit next to a rapper, and young people from the scene talk with others from the era of the 1968 riots in Zurich. Then again, this is hardly surprising as on every corner of this intersection is a bar. One such establishment is Bar 63: formerly known as “Chez Sylvia”, it has long since established itself as a popular meeting place for night owls. At one of the bar counters extending along the length of the room, guests can choose from over 70 different types of rum or order one of the many highly praised cocktail creations.

All of Zurich makes their way to Bar 63 – among other things, to try the signature drink, Punch 63, made with the bar’s own rum. Another reason is without doubt the unique and tolerant atmosphere that can be found here.

Incidentally, the rum specialists from Bar 63 also run a spirits store, J. B. Labat, just a stone’s throw away – a real insider tip.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday, 4pm – 1am
Friday, 4pm – 2am
Saturday, 2pm – 2am