The Mushroom Season in Zurich

In fall, mushrooms sprout from the ground in the forests in and around Zurich. They can be enjoyed in various dishes served up in the local restaurants.

In Switzerland, food lovers particularly look forward to fall ‒ for that is also the game and mushroom season. But what many people do not know is that all kinds of well-known edible mushrooms grow in the urban forests around Zurich – such as porcini, puffball mushrooms, parasol mushrooms and various types of russula, as well as button and blusher mushrooms. Even Burgundy truffles can be found close to the city.

In fall, those who prefer to enjoy mushrooms direct from the plate will find delicious mushroom dishes at the restaurants listed below. 

Foraging for Mushrooms Yourself

Of course, expert mushroom pickers will never reveal the exact places to find mushrooms, but this much can be said: edible mushrooms can be found in fall on the Uetliberg, Hönggerberg and Zürichberg. As far as picking is concerned, the following regulations apply in Canton Zurich: it is not permitted to pick mushrooms during the first 10 days of the month; after that, a maximum of 1kg (2.2lbs) per day/person.

Mushroom Inspection Office

Great care should be always taken when picking mushrooms. Many edible mushrooms closely resemble poisonous ones, which can lead to anything from relatively harmless stomach disorders to death by poisoning. Consequently, it is always advisable to get your mushrooms officially identified at an inspection office (this service is free of charge). Incidentally, one of Zurich’s 33 cantonal and official mushroom inspection offices is located just a stone’s throw from the Main Train Station. Further information:

Forest Mushroom Variation

Restaurant Baltho

This forest mushroom dish is an absolute treat: served with pea mousse and on edible soil, it is also a real eye-catcher.
Chanterelle Ravioli


At the Carlton, tasty chanterelle ravioli is served as an accompaniment to medallion of roebuck.
Porcini Delicacies


Whether as a cream soup, in ravioli, or as a side with tagliatelle and veal cutlet: in September, everything at the Degenried focuses on mushrooms.
Pilz Stroganoff


Mushroom stroganoff, porcini pappardelle with truffles, and chanterelles, coupled with the famous mushroom sauce, are the fall classics at the Hiltl.
Mushrooms à la Provençale


Depending on what is available at the local markets, the Kronenhalle serves fresh royal agaric mushrooms, chanterelles or porcini à la Provençale.
Mushroom Ravioli

La Bottega di Mario

Mushroom ravioli with fried chanterelles and pancetta (bacon made from pork belly meat) are a real taste experience at the Bottega di Mario.
Funghi e Fagioli


In the Italian restaurant, Ornellaia, you can find light and airy spinach cake with chanterelles, golden-yellow ramaria aurea, and mushroom crumble.
Portobello mushrooms


In fall, red rice with portobello mushrooms and celariac provide culinary variation at the Restaurant Più.
Porcini From the Oven

Santa Lucia

The seasonal vegetables from the oven are enhanced by porcini and buffalo mozzarella, fresh herbs, and top-quality olive oil.

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