Hikes Near Zurich

Even guests staying in urban Zurich can go hiking, for the famous Swiss mountains are just around the corner.

The famous Swiss mountains are just a short distance from Zurich. The hiking suggestions listed below can be reached by public transportation from Zurich Main Station in less than 90 minutes.

7 hrs / 14km / 86 min. from Zurich HB

7 Peaks Views Tour

This magnificent hike is suitable for walkers with plenty of stamina. They are rewarded with superb panoramic views of the Walensee and the Alps.
7½ hrs / 24km / 76 min. from Zurich HB

High Mountain Trail Zürich-Oberland

One stage of the Zurich Oberland high-Alpine trail leads from the Atzmännig to Rapperswil. While the route is not difficult, it requires stamina.

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