The Most Beautiful Photo Spots in Zurich

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland, travelers discover the most beautiful places in Switzerland. What’s more, the official Photo Spots guarantee the best snapshots of this adventurous trip.

In front of the Rhine Falls, overlooking Einsiedeln Abbey, or with a view of the picturesque Old Town in Rapperswil: the official red Photo Spot frames can be found all along the route of the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

If you stand behind the distinctive red frame, you are guaranteed to end up with a fabulous souvenir photo – for the official Photo Spots are placed in such a way that they present the perfect view of the top highlights along the route. In addition, the photo frame provides information on the special features of each location.

The Zurich section of the Grand Tour also has three of these red frames. Their location is indicated by means of brown Photo Spot signposts.

Incidentlly, the Uetliberg and the Polyterrasse are two highlights in the city of Zurich that offer breathtaking views even without the official Photo Spot frame

Rhine Falls

Laufen Castle

The viewing platform at Laufen Castle treats visitors to a spectacular view of the largest waterfall in Europe.
Einsiedeln Abbey


Locates slightly to the left of Klosterplatz, looking towards the abbey, the Photo Spot perfectly frames this impressive baroque building.
Rapperswil Old Town

Lake Dam Meadow

The Photo Spot on the meadow opposite Rapperswil-Jona Tourist Information shows the most beautiful view of the picturesque Old Town and castle.
Lake Zurich


From the viewing platform by the Hotel Uto Kulm, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over Lake Zurich and the city.
Old Town


From the Polyterrasse in front of the ETH Zürich, you can look out over the whole of Zurich’s Old Town.

Multifaceted Zurich

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