Federal Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2019 in Zug

The Federal Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival is the largest sporting event in Switzerland and takes place every three years in a different location. In 2019, it will be held in Zug, very close to Zurich.

August 23 – 25, 2019

Anyone who would like to watch a Swiss national sport close up should get tickets for the “Eidgenössische”, as the festival is commonly referred to. Here, the elite in the sport of Swiss wrestling – who are known as “wicked ones” – pit their strength against each other on a circular area of sawdust. The overall winner is awarded the title of “Schwingerkönig” (wrestling king) and the main prize of a live “Muni”, the Swiss German word for a young bull.

Besides Swiss wrestling, the event features “Hornussen” and “Steinstossen”, which are also traditional Swiss sports. In addition, the spectacle includes folk music and dancing. All around the stadium, which seats 56,000 people – tickets are highly coveted –, the “Eidgenössische” gives rise to an enormous public festival, which is attended by around 250,000 spectators in the course of the weekend. 

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Arena ESAF
6300 Zug
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