E-Bike Tours in Zurich

If you want to experience parts of Zurich that are off the usual tourist route, you should go on a guided e-bike tour.

Once you have visited the must-sees in Downtown Zurich, it is well worth venturing into the outlying neighborhoods or relaxing in the nature close to the city.

And this is very easy to do with an e-bike, with which long distances can be covered in no time at all and even steeper slopes are overcome without difficulty. And if you book an official e-bike tour, you benefit from having a local guide, who not only knows the most beautiful cycle paths, but also tells fascinating stories about the places en route.

Urban Zurich

E-Bike City Tour

Through urban Zurich to the most beautiful vantage points and along Lake Zurich: this city tour is rich in contrasts.
Art, Architecture, and Graffiti

E-Bike Public Art Tour

Works of art in public spaces, installations, graffiti, and architecture are the focus of this tour.
Individual Tour

E-Bike Rental

Fancy hiring an e-bike and exploring the city by yourself? Not a problem with the stylish bikes from Ego-Movement.

Multifaceted Zurich

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