Where to find breakfast in Zurich on weekdays?

Breakfast on normal business days in these cafés and restaurants.

It’s not just the weekend breakfast tradition that lasts longer. If you visit Zurich on a weekday, there’s no need to forego this beloved morning ritual. Here the day starts with good coffee, a newspaper or friends. There are delicious healthy and hearty breakfast options on weekdays in the restaurants listed below. 

Mon to Fri 7.30am – 3pm / Sat 8.30am – 3pm


Diverse breakfast dishes are served at Bistro-style Spüngli on elegant tiered dishes.
Mon to Fri 8am – 11am / Sat 10.30am – 2pm

Loft Five

Diners may choose from a sweet or salty bread basket, plus an egg dish and coffee. How else does a successful day start?
Mon to Sun, 8am – 4pm

Maison Blunt

In addition to the classic Swiss braid and "Gipfeli," oriental delicacies such as humus or Feta puree appear on the breakfast plate.
Mon to Fri 7am – 7pm and Sun 8am – 6pm


On weekdays, "Hubertus" offers freshly prepared specialties, with a generous brunch offering on the weekend.
Mon to Sat 7am – 11am / Sun 7am – 10am

Uto Kulm

High above Zurich on the Uetliberg, the Uto Kulm welcomes guests with a sumptuous breakfast buffet.
Mon to Fri 8am – 5pm / Sat 9am – 5pm / Sun 10am – 5pm

Restaurant Viadukt

Various breakfast plates, a mixed plate or waffles, pancakes and much more are available daily at the "Viadukt" in hip Zürich-West.
Mon to Fri 7.30am – 9pm / Sat 8am – midnight / Sun 9am – 9pm

Café Felix

True fanatics can break the fast to their heart's content at the best location between old town, Lake Zurich and the shopping area.
Mon to Sat 6.30am – 10.30am

Le muh

Right next to the Oerlikon train station, guests at "Le muh" choose from a variety of breakfast plates: big, small, healthy or hearty.
Mon to Fri 7am – 4pm / Sat and Sun 8am – 4pm


Humus, Feta, Tabouleh or Muhamara, are a few breakfast choices in the oriental restaurant.

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