Augustinerkirche – From House of God to Coin Workshop

The Augustinerkirche church in Zurich was a coin workshop for 300 years. Today the Münzplatz square reflects the church's temporary use.

This church of the Hermits of St. Augustine was built in 1270 on Zurich’s western city walls. During the Reformation, the church was transformed into a coin workshop.  Zurich’s Catholic church reclaimed the building in 1841. When the community rejected the dogma of the First Vatican Council, it was excluded from the Catholic church and became known as a Christian Catholic community. The Augustinerkirche remained the local place of worship.

Renovation work undertaken in 1959 gave the church its current appearance. The simple choir area, crucifixion scene, block altar, baptismal font by Franz Fischer and stained glass by August Wanner are well worth a visit.

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