About Zurich

The most important facts about Zurich's history, politics and famous people at a glance

Read here how the city on the waterfront has developed over the last 2,000 years and why Zurich is the most important business location in Switzerland. In addition you find useful information about politics, education and the quality of life here in Zurich.

Facts & Figures
Zurich’s over 5,000-year-old history at a glance
About Zurich
A brief summary: Zurich’s 12 districts at a glance.
About Zurich
Global companies and startups: the Zurich economic area is the driving force of the Swiss economy.
Two leading universities: Zurich is the center for education and research in Switzerland.
About Zurich
Switzerland is the oldest democracy in the world with some unique political characteristics.
About Zurich
Influential personalities and international celebrities who have lived in Zurich.
The city of Zurich is one of the world's cities with the highest quality of life.

Multifaceted Zurich

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